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Achieves a Quarter of a Century of Operations, Technical Development and Safety in Directional Drilling Globally

VLI Drilling commenced operations on October 16, 1996.

Formed after a management buyout of the NSW operations of Strata Drilling Pty Ltd, commencing with a 3-rig operation at Dartbrook Coal Mine, in the Upper Hunter Valley in NSW, Australia.

Over the intervening years, VLI has spread its wings and taken horizontal in seam directional drilling across the globe.
1996      Commenced Operations at Dartbrook Coal Mine.
1996      First visit and underground audits in China.
1997      First external (to Dartbrook) contract for underground drilling at Metropolitan Colliery near Helensburgh in the NSW Southern                  Coal Fields.
1998      Established a Joint Venture with REI in the US called Valley USA, to carry out directional drilling in the US using electronic                      survey tools (DDM MECCA).
1999      Purchased the AMT Drilling Australasia from AMT, and commenced operations in Queensland.
2001      Attended the China Mining EXPO in Beijing and met Louis Yang, who was pivotal in bringing us to the attention of SAADEC                    (Daning Coal Mine) in Shanxi Province.
2002      Signed our first contract for a VL Series 1000 In Seam Directional Drill System for China.
2003      Shipped EXP001 to Shanxi Province in China, and in March 2003, we commenced drilling trials at SAADEC’s Daning Coal                      Mine.
2003      In April, we completed the first successful 1,000 metre directional hole in China.
2003      Commenced drilling at Grasstree, our largest ever contract covering 18 years of operations.
2005      VLI Management combined with Crescent Capital to complete a management buy-out and first trip to Russia, visiting the                        Novokuznetsk Mining Expo in the Kuzbass in Southern Siberia in Russia, including first meetings with our future Russian                        Agency partner, Biotop LLC.
2006      Established Valley Longwall Mining Equipment (Beijing) Co Ltd in the Beijing BDA, commencing operations on October 12, 2006      VLME Beijing celebrated 15 years of operations in China. First trip to India. Formed an agency agreement with Alexander                      Demchenko’s Moscow based company, Biotop LLC.
2006      Commenced aggregation process, including SMV Driftrunner, Juganaut and a number of Conveyor companies to form our                    Diesel and Conveyor Divisions and with VLI Drilling, formed VLI Pty Ltd.
2007      Catalyst purchased VLI Pty Ltd and Crescent Capital bowed out. Delivered our first VL Series 1000 directional Drill System to                  Suek’s Kirov Mine in Leninsk Kuznetsky. Delivered our first Driftrunners and Brumbies manufactured at VLME Beijing to                            Daning Coal Mine in Shanxi Province.
2008      The GFC hit (lasted 3 years), badly affecting capital equipment sales across the mining industry globally. VLI Drilling                              persisted in its global growth strategy, purchasing 50% of REI in the US between VUSA and VLI Pty Ltd. Continued                                  developing our business across China, Russia, the US and Mexico, while assessing opportunities in India, Poland, the                            Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Canada.
2011      Catalyst divested of it’s shareholding in VLI Pty Ltd to TZ/TMG of Taiyuan, Shanxi Province in China, and TZ/TMG became,                      and still are our majority shareholder.
2012 to 2021      VLI Pty Ltd and in particular VLI Drilling Division has continued to expand its global reach.


During these intervening years, we have:
     Designed, developed and certified new rigs in China (ZY2300D and ZY6100D) and for Russia,
     Designed and developed the VL Series 3000 Drill Rigs for underground oil drainage in the US,
     Designed and developed rigs and special tooling for underground heavy oil recovery in the Komi Republic in northern Russia                     (around the Arctic Circle area),
     Designed, developed and certified our first in house, 5G MWD steering tool, the WIFI enabled DCS-TOUCH.
     Delivered VL Series 1,000 Drill Systems to Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Poland and Mexico.
     Construction of a new purpose built manufacturing facility in Moscow to assemble and support our Drill Systems and Diesels in                   Russia.
     Received official recognition as a “High Tech Company” by the Chinese Government.

VLI Drilling continues to lead the world in design and technical development of directional inseam drilling.
Looking to broaden our horizons, and continue on our mission to make underground mining safe.
When the vision is clear, the future is secure.

I would like to add a personal thank you to all of our employees, clients and agency partners globally whose commitment and support throughout the last 25 years, have helped to make this achievement possible and I look forward to a bright future working with you all in the years to come.

Best Regards

Chris Freer (Hagar)
Global Manager Drilling and
President for International
Business Development